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Severin Safari Camp has a panoramic view over the game-rich plains lying beneath the lush Chyulu Hills and snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro, the camp provides an unequalled experience of life in the wilds of Southeastern Kenya.

Set in the Tsavo West National Park, a wilderness of savannah grasslands, river woodlands and cool mountain forests, the camp is designed to bring guests as close to nature as they can get. From the comfort of your tent you can gaze out at the living panorama under brilliant skies.

Tsavo West National Park can be easily accessed from Nairobi City approximately 300 km away and also from Mombasa at the coast. The Park has 4 Airstrips for landing light crafts.

severin safari camp


The Severin Safari Camp offers spacious octagonal tents equipped with:

  • Walk-in Bathroom Facilities
  • Fitted with 240 Volt Power

At a discrete distance from the rest of the camp, Luxury Kibo Suite provides the perfect hideaway for honeymooners.

The suite comes fitted with all the comforts of home, including:

  • A Private Terrace overlooking the Snow Capped Kilimanjaro
  • A Romantic Setting for a Private Dining
  • 240 Volt Power
  • Mini Bar &
  • A Relaxing Corner Shaped Bath filled with Fresh Natural Spring Water With readily available herbal bath oils
  • Also available to families is an adjacent tent acting as an extension
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