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kenya-family-safariThis family safari is more than just your average foray into the African wilds. Priceless memories are made when the family goes on vacation. The challenge is finding a trip that appeal to the whole family - one that captures the imagination of adult and child alike. This safari will provide just such a getaway - an extravagant safari experience that will amuse, educate, entertain, and enthrall the entire family.

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kenya beach safariThis safari will take you through the flagship national parks in Kenya for a 9 day fun filled and thrilling adventure which culminates into the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa where you can unwind from the safari before ending your Kenya Sunshine coast holiday.

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nairobi excursionsThese are short packages suitable for those who are interested in shopping excursions, bussiness travellers and those who have limited time. The excursions mainly focus on Kenyan cultural, historical sights and landmarks.

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